Elaine Taylor-Klaus - Awesome Mom & Parent Coach

Elaine Taylor-Klaus Awesome Mom & Parent Coach

"Kids with ADD and ADHD are complicated, and the role of their parents is powerfully important."


Meet Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Fifteen years ago, there was little help and support for parents whose children were diagnosed with ADHD.

Elaine Taylor-Klaus learned how to help her own children, all 3 of whom have ADHD, and in the process, became a coach, trainer and advocate for other parents who face similar challenges.

Parents can find a wealth of information on how to raise kids with ADD and ADHD on her website, ImpactADHD.com, created in 2011 with co-founder Diane Dempster.

Drawing from the strategies of professional coaching, Elaine teaches parents to take a coach-approach with their kids, communicating more effectively to get better results. Rather than just managing difficult behaviors, Elaine teaches parents to help their children thrive and become more independent.

ImpactADHD offers tools and resources parents need to help their children succeed, including expert articles, tips and tricks, and how-to videos, as well as coaching programs and a community of parents who offer support to each other.

For more information, visit the website ImpactADHD.com.

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