What can an ADHD Coach Do for Me?

ADHD Coaching for Children and Teens: Self-Esteem and Success

After the diagnosis of ADHD comes the decision of treatment. Parents face the medication decision but unfortunately, realize as the child grows that it is not the only area of an ADHD treatment plan.

ADHD is such a complicated medical diagnosis that has with it so many areas of struggle that can impact both social and academic areas. Executive functioning deficits rear their ugly heads as the demands of school accelerate. As the child reaches middle school, they have multiple teachers with multiple personalities and expectations that the child with ADHD has to figure out. Along with that are the expectations of assignments that require organization, transitioning, working memory, and time management.

What can the coach do for this child? First, the coach can help with the understanding of ADHD and how it is creating his perceived difficulties in school. It is so common that our kids with ADHD feel “dumb, stupid, and alone.” I am currently helping a family with school advocacy who lives in another state. I asked if I could at least reach out to their son and discuss his ADHD over email. He was agreeable, saying that it would be nice to talk to someone who understands.

So that’s the key: a coach can represent someone who can explain successfully coping with ADHD by:
• Reinforcing strengths to oppose verbalization of weaknesses that he is made to see on a daily basis, creating the question, “Why do I have ADHD?”
• Explaining what causes ADHD and promoting an understanding of ADHD.
• Moving his self-esteem up the scale to healthy.
• Developing alongside him a couple of goals
• Developing an action plan to achieve goals
• Building the expectations of the ability to achieve a personal goal
• Becoming the person to whom he can be accountable.
• Continuing to reinforce strategies that can help this child with ADHD

Imagine being in an environment where the demands on you exceed what you feel you can accomplish. And yet, all around you are your peers who continue to succeed. When you get bored or confused and decide to focus on something else, you get told that you are not paying attention and get sent to the office. So confusion and negative results ensue. This is ADHD in school.

But the coach is always there, explaining, reinforcing, and supporting. A must as this child moves through the very difficult journey of school with some ease thanks to someone who believes in him, supports the diagnosis of ADHD so that he can better understand himself, until he finds his passion and soars to new heights!

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Karen LowryAbout the Author: Karen K Lowry is a Certified ADHD Coach who works with families, teens, and college students to achieve developed goals.  In addijtion, she advocates for families when necessary to achieve the appropriate school supports.  Effective coaching demands effective academic support.  Please check out her website, www.addadvocate.com, for more information including articles and services.

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