To mom on mothers Day

It’s not fair that us kids get 364 days of the year while moms only get one. Today I want to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the amazing moms who do so much for their kids like me with ADHD, especially of course my mom. I have a feeling we are a bit harder to raise, a lot more work and you don’t always get the same rewards that other kids moms get.

Moms of kids with ADHD are the real super Hero’s in our lives.

Without my mom I would not have graduated high school. In fact, she was the one who homeschooled me to complete middle school.  Looking back I don’t know how she did it working, keeping the rest of the family going, having a great relationship with my dad and volunteering in the community.  She found the money for my tutors and hauled my bad teachers into the principals office more than once. You don’t want to mess with my mom!

mom-hugWhat I especially appreciate is that once my mom found out I had ADHD she jumped right in like moms do to help.   She bought and read I think a hundred books on the subject. She started looking for way to help me see the bigger picture in life and took me to a motivational conference called the World Domination Summit where I ended up winning one of the  Scholarships for Real life, which of course she helped me apply for.  That is where I got the money from to start this website and community.

On my Facebook page there are like 26,400 moms following me.  That is a lot of moms.  What I have noticed is how passionate you all are about your kids wanting the best for them. You just have to read some of the comments and see how much moms care. I’m just going to say it,  I know first hand how difficult it is to raise a kid with ADHD.  While other kids are sailing along in school, sports and with friends we most likely are struggling making your job way harder including:

  • No doing great in school causing you to worry
  • Getting into trouble more than other kids
  • Not having friends so you have to entertain us
  • Doing stupid things often embarrassing you
  • Forgetting everything including our lunch, our homework and everything else not glued to us.
  • Not listening, paying attention or doing as we are told
  • Forgetting to thank you

So today, even though it is only one day I want to personally thank every single one of you moms.  Thank you for supporting this community and thank you the most for supporting your kid.

Happy Mothers Day 2019!


p.s.  It was super expensive and took a long time but I finally turned my flashcards into a book that you can get on Amazon. I made them to help teachers understand kids with ADHD, they help moms too.   The ABC’s of ADHD are available now.



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