Organized!: A guest Post from the Forum


One of our readers shared some of their tips on our forum on getting their ADHD brain organized!

(posted 29 June 2015 )

A List of Things That Help

  1. Post-it notes every where
  2. Calendars with enough space to write my whole day out, then keeping it right beside my bed on my nightstand, glancing at it more than ten times a day (I have only one so as not to miss anything because I only added a task to one or the other)
  3. Alarm clock across the room not next to my bed
  4. My meds (Vyvanse which gets me out of bed every day, and Adderall once it starts to wear off)
  5. A really good doctor; my psychologist is amazing and I hope that you all are as lucky as I am to find a great doc.
  6. Reading! Read as much as you can about ADHD, websites, forums, medicine websites (such as Vyvanse) that offer tips on how to get the most out of your meds and even regular tips for life in general. It pays to be educated!
  7. Getting enough sleep!
  8. One person that you can really talk to and share information that you have read with – there are no excuses for some of my behaviours but it does help that my boyfriend has read some articles which i shared with him that help to explain why I may behave a certain way.

A List of Things That Don’ t Help

  1. Day planner, both digital and non-digital.
  2. Electronic calendars (like on a cell phone and that links to a calendar such as Google Calendar). I just tend to never follow through with entering every single appointment and then setting appropriate alarms for them.
  3. Supplements such as fish oil, vitamin Bs, and others. Maybe they did not work for me because I didn’t take them long enough.

How do you stay organized? Do you relate to any of these? For me, using one simple binder really helped me sort out everything for school.


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