From Being Bullied to Making Friends

My name’s Megan and I have ADHD. In middle school and I was being bullied for having it.

I believe I was bullied for having it because I was really over hyper. People thought of me as the person who they thought was always on drugs or something.

I would get glared at in class because, of being “different” and it made me feel like I wasn’t welcomed to society.

Most kids now a days just look on their fancy new gadgets and stuff, understanding things seem to be more important to them than understanding people. I’m really into computers and electronics too so don’t get me wrong. It’s just are things more important than people?

In elementary and middle school I didn’t have medication for my ADHD at the time. It was hard to fit in.  I would go in the locker room and I’d go and change into my gym shorts and I’d hear laughter.  I knew they were laughing at me because, they mentioned that “the new girl has ADHD and

lockers at schoolshe’s retarded.  ” That made me just HATE being in middle school. Since I was being made fun of I didn’t want to be there at all.

There was a room in the school that they put the “Special ED” students in.   I was put into there in 8th grade and was made even more fun of.  The other students had really stressed me out to the point where I didn’t feel safe in a normal classroom anymore.  I wasn’t passing my classes because I didn’t have the self motivation and I gave up on caring.

I got laughed even more because of that.

Some good news.  I did however meet some of my really good friends in the Special ED room. We all share having ADD or ADHD. It’s really fun to just make friends with somebody like you.

My word of advice is don’t give up, there’s someone like you.

I found the person who was like me and has similar challenges. I’m still surrounded today by those same people and I enjoy their company so much because it makes me feel like I’m cared for and not being harassed.

So if you have ADHD, it doesn’t make you different because of the way you act, you’re still perfect and normal.


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