There are the answers I was looking for when I was 11 and found out I had ADHD. I'm not saying they are right, it's my opinion and hope they help.





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What is ADHD?

It's called Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. ADHD is a brain thing, the way our brains are wired that causes us to be super smart and creative but at the same time unfocused. Having ADHD does not make us bad, it makes us different. Everyone is different in their own way. Some kids with ADHD are super hyper, others are totally calm, what we have incommon is we get bored easy, distracted and don't always pick up on social queues often making it harder for us to make friends.


I would say for me it's not a deficit of attention but too much attention on too many things at the same time. Having an ADHD brain can get us into trouble a lot when we forget to do our homework, or finish tasks, or annoy our parents.

Why do I have it ?

No one knows exactly what causes ADHD. They think it comes from our parents so you can probably blame it on them. It is not caused by eating too much sugar or by  anything you did. Lots of adults with ADHD go onto become very successful business owners and make lots of money so having it is not necessarily a bad thing.

Will I have it forever ?

Even though it gets better as you get older chances are you will always have an ADHD brain. At 17 I feel like I have almost grown out of it but it still shows up and I get side tracked easily. The trick is to figure out how to use your brain to your advantage. For me it just came with age and being more self aware.

What to do when I feel angry ?

Leave the situation and do what works best for you to calm down. Make sure you have a plan before you get angry. Talk to your parents, teachers and other adults to let them know your plan. Try playing your favorite video game if you are allowed or better yet just go outside and try to remember not to take it out on others because that won't help you.

What to do if a teacher upsets or humiliates me ?

Don't be afraid to get your parents involved. Do not hide that kind of stuff from them and make sure they do something. May be even have a meeting with the principal and your parents so that every one knows what's going on and they can address the problem right away.

Who can i talk to about my ADHD ?

I would pick your family doctor, your principal, your teachers (the ones that are nice) , your parents, any one willing to listen really. Never feel like you have to talk to anyonebut it'good to have a few people you trust to talk through problems with.

How can I make friends ?

Figure out what you like doing, invest time into it and look for people or clubs which are related to it. Try not to dress like a slob. More people will want to hang out with you if you go and do a lot of fun activities. Look for social queues like when every one is being calm and quiet that you don't come in yelling. Don't do dumb stuff to get attention, save that for your best friends that already know you and like you just th eway you are. Never give up trying to make friends, the older you get the easier it is. If you feel like you are doing something wrong that could be socially crippling, then stop. Brushing your teeth is a good idea every morning.

Strategies for getting home work done .

Do not put it off because it doing it later will beworse than doing it now. I say suck it up and just get it done. Make a game out of it, like a contest to see how fast and accurate you can do it. Short term pain for long term gain. Just do it and get it over with. Try to finish as much work as you can in class when you are more inclined to do the work and have the instructions fresh on your mind. Create motivation by planning outings or rewards for once you're done your home work. Remember, you're learning and you will be grateful that you did it in the long run.

How do I get through the day ?

Mostly when things are bad we have to just soldier up and get on with our day. Know that it gets better with time. Being 10 is probably the worst age and by high school things can be really great if we set ourselves up for success. It helps when you have a good teacher or atleast an adult at school that you trust and who knows you. I say get a plan early in the year to have a safe place to chill out when you get stressed. Insist on it and let the adults know it is for your sake and it will help them too.


Find away to get extra exercise or at least movement by standing, you need way more than other kids. I used a "thingywhich is somethinto hold in my hands to play with while teachers were talking for too long. Just make sure it doesn't make too much noise.


Eat a good breakfast that is more than just sugar cereal and milk because that won't last you 5 minutes. Try a hot breakfast with at least some protein like eggs or sausage or every a protein shake if you have that in your house. It helps to wash your face in the morning to wake up.


Remember that our ADHD will serve us well when we are adults and the trick is to not get broken or discouraged before we get there. Kindly and respectfully remind adults that they can't punish the ADHD outofus, instead ask them to work with us so that we can be successful in life.


Play some video games with some friends and make sure you encourage your friends and help them if they have any problems. When you help friends it will make you feel happy too.

Why do I feel so dumb when I know I'm not ?

Sometimes ADHD makes things more difficult and most people can't understand that if they don't have it. When people don't understand ADHD, they can talk to us or get upset about things because we don't think the same way they do. Then you might feel dumb, but really you're not, its just that you think differently, and different does not mean bad.


Most kids with ADHD are smarter than an average adult. Often kids with ADHD are tested they score as gifted or genius even if they have other learning disabilities.  We are smart in different ways and if given a chance we can solve lots of the worlds problems.



If you have your own question about ADHD, you're in the right place! Click below and send your questions directly to Jeff

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