Kids with ADHD raise up and tell your story

We could really help each other if we told our stories. You know the ones about being put out in the hall during math class for blurting out the answer before the teacher had a chance to finish asking the question or like not always fitting in? Or some tricks you use to keep track of things

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Help for Teachers in the Class Room

Teachers are people too and are often overwhelmed with too many students and too few resources. Add to that the 7-10% of us ADHD'ers and no wonder they need summers off! Working with distracted students doesn't have to end with a trip to the principals office. Share your ADHD classroom strategies here to make life better for teachers and students.

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Peace in the Family

Living with kids with ADHD can be like living in a zoo! We can be loud, busy, forgetful and have endless energy (except when it comes to doing boring things like chores) Once you learn that your kids has ADHD you can stop punishing them for doing things they can't help. Home is often the only safe place we have in the world and we need our families love and understanding so we can grow up strong and emotionally healthy.

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