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  • Free Download: Behaviour Plan

    Use this plan for discussing your needs and coming up with an action plan with your school administration and teachers.

  • Teachers: Resources

    Teaching kids with ADHD is a challenge, I know. We've reached out to teachers for their best tips & tricks...find your resources here.

  • ADHD Hacks for Students

    Hack for keeping organized at school? How about how to avoid losing your pencils? We've got an ever-growing page of Hacks for mastering your ADHD at school.

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How To Share Your Story


Individually we have found ways to thrive with our ADHD. Together we can use that knowledge to make life better for the kids that haven't yet found their way. Contributions are welcome from the entire community. (Kids, Parents, Teachers, Adults with ADHD, Experts, Coaches) We have a writer on the team that can help take your story and turn it into a post to share. Don't be shy, share you story


Our forum is where the community comes to life. Join the conversation and contribute your voice. Together we can!

Join Our Team

Are you an ADHD expert and passionate about helping kids? Are you willing to share you expertise just for the sake of helping? Do you actually like kids with ADHD? Send me a note about how you would like to help and we will make it happen

Contact Jeff

Do you have an idea for this community web site? Send me a message. I would love to hear from you. Thanks from Jeff!

You're in Good Company

Ryan McRae ADD Geek (and Jeff's Mentor)

Ryan McRae, Jeff’s ADHD coach, was diagnosed with ADD at 19, helping him understand his talents and struggles in a much deeper way. He currently is a sales associate for a major tech company and a voracious reader and writer. He is a conference addict, a gadget hound and a lover of all things pumpkin. Ryan discovered working with Jeff as his...

Lindsay Carlson Content Director & Strategist


Jeff Rasmussen Head Derp at ADHD Kids Rock

Age: 15 City: Langley, BC Diagnosed with ADHD in Grade 7 Biggest Dream: I want to change the world for younger kids like me who are punished daily for having ADHD. Fave Class: Mechanics "I've got the plans in my head for a motorized scooter with a gas-powered engine that I'm actually capable of building." ADHD Superpower: "If I'm...

Brandi Schamber Rock Star Teacher 2% Club

My name is Brandi Schamber and I am a Teacher/Learning Specialist at Fraser Academy in Vancouver. Fraser Academy is a school that serves children from grades 1 to 12 with language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Many of my students also have ADHD. I am proud to be part of the ADHD Kids Rock Community! Teaching students with ADHD has...

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