Clara’s List of 15 Ideas to Cure Boredom

Remember Hunter from last week’s post?  He wrote to us about how his ADHD helps him become a better ski racer.  In today’s post, Clara from Bridges Middle School shares her great list of ideas to get your ADHD mind involved in something interesting when you’re painfully bored.

I appreciate her sending me her ideas! I hope you enjoy her list too. Please add your best ideas and links to great resources in the comments below!

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~ jeff

Clara’s List: 15 Ways to Cure Boredom for #ADHDKidsRock

My name is Clara. After seeing Jeff’s article on boredom (my teacher shared it with us in class), I have a list of ideas to cure boredom.  My two favorite are to challenge yourself at a brainteaser puzzle and do some fun science related experiments. But here are some more ideas too.   

It’s not easy to snap out of boredom. But people can free themselves of boredom. It’s just really hard to do. Boring moments don’t last forever.

~ Clara
A Student at Bridges Middle School

BridgesMiddleSchool logoBridges Middle School is an independent nonprofit school in Portland, Oregon that provides a highly creative and focused school setting for 5th – 8th grade students with learning differences.

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