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Last summer when I was in Portland, I met a teacher named Desi Pritchard, who helps develop curriculum for Bridges Middle School. This is a really cool school that works with kids who have “learning differences,” including ADHD. When I asked if her students wanted to contribute to ADHD Kids Rock, she said “YES”!  This is exactly what I was hoping for is other kids sharing their stores here on this blog.

Here’s the first of our blog posts from the students at Bridges Middle School. It’s from Hunter — who’s learning to see the benefits of his ADHD. (Thanks Hunter!)

~ jeff

“I used to think ADHD was bad and I wanted to get rid of it. But ADHD and dysgraphia made me who I am.”
– Hunter

My ADHD Struggle: Hyperactivity

Ski Racer shares his ADHD Story #ADHDKidsRockOne of my biggest struggles is my hyperactivity. It makes me really focused on things. It is where if I am focused on something, I become really focused on something and I don’t want to stop — I become really stubborn about it.

If I was doing something and my parents tell me to stop, the transition is really hard for me. Once I stop, I am fine.

It seems to be the worst in the morning before I take my medication. If I am brushing my teeth, putting in my contacts and putting on my socks, I can get lost in the middle and forget what I am doing. It takes forever!  I get distracted and I forget what I am doing until my mom yells, then I remember.

My mom and I are working on my taking my medication right away so I can get started earlier.

My ADHD SuperPower: Hyper-Focusing in Competitive Ski Racing

I am a ski racer. I have been skiing since I was two. At first, the attention part of my ADHD was hard — if the coach was talking and I missed the information, I would have to do sit ups to make up for it.

When I was younger, I complained. Now, I view it as a workout to help me ski better and I view it as a reason to listen.

My mom explained to me that I could view it negatively or positively. It is all in how I view it.

I use my ADHD hyper-focusing to help in my racing. When I go to the training race course, I become hyper-focused on what others are doing to win and I figure out how to do what they are doing.

The realization that I could use my ADHD came from my family. When I was having a hard time and blaming my ADHD, they helped me see it is not a bad thing. I can use my ADHD for things I want  to do.

My ADHD is what makes me me. If I didn’t have ADHD, I would be a totally different person.

When someone talks or thinks of ADHD, they often think  “I can’t do this” or “I can’t do that.” I can tell you that is not true. Have a growth mindset and view ADHD in a positive way.

~ Hunter
A Student at Bridges Middle School

BridgesMiddleSchool logoBridges Middle School is an independent nonprofit school in Portland, Oregon that provides a highly creative and focused school setting for 5th – 8th grade students with learning differences.

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