5 Things Really Great Teachers Do

At this point, you may be tired of me talking about all my bad experiences at school and all my stories about teachers that misunderstood me and punished me instead of actually making an effort to make my educational experience a bit better. Believe it or not, there actually are some teachers out there that aren’t too bad when it comes to us kids with ADHD. And it’s really quite simple. These kinds of teachers follow five simple steps that make me have an easier time during the school year:


When a teacher asks me questions and actually listen to what I think about things or how I feel about things, it makes me feel like they care about my progress at school. Teachers, you should know that I have some pretty cool thoughts if you ask me interesting questions.

Don’t Judge

Right off the bat, some teachers think I’m being bad just for the heck of it or that I like to be inattentive. I want to learn as much as any other kid in the classroom! I like it when teachers get that and know that my intentions are in the right place. My behaviour just might not be what they expected but that’s alright. It’s bound to happen in a class with so many different kids.

Actually Read and Follow My IEP

For those of you who don’t know, IEP stands for the Individual Education Plan. It’s a program that allows a student to lay out his/her goals and expectations during a school year. It can include things like program modifications and a continuous check up on my progress.

Work With My Parents 

A lot of the times, when I return home from school feeling defeated or discouraged, I tell my mom about it. So, my parents know a lot about me and what goes on with my school. They’ve also known me much longer than a lot of my teachers. So it’s great when teachers communicate with my parents to understand me better.

Give me Credit

Listen. I’m sick of those teachers that keep giving me crap for what I haven’t done. It doesn’t really help in boosting my confidence at school. How about pointing out what I HAVE done for once?

What are some of the positive experiences that you’ve had with teachers? And what do you wish they could do better?


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