I’m Bored

I really look forward to things but once they are done I get so bored. Sometimes I get bored right in the middle of doing things.

Being this bored is an ADHD thing.

Being bored at school isn’t as bad as being bored at home.  Once I have exhausted all my resources at home and I have absolutely nothing to do, I feel empty.  

It sucks. Then I think of something. Then I get in trouble because usually it’s not what I am supposed to be doing.

On school nights I get so bored I either eat food, which is still boring, or I fall asleep.

I think I’m the only teenager that goes to bed at 9 pm.

Being bored sucks especially in situations when you can’t do anything about it. The only thing that can keep you entertained is something distracting and it’s usually what I’m not supposed to be doing.

Mostly I’ll play video games or watch a movie so I’m not bored or have to have that feeling of being bored.  A new game or a new app is always good for short term boredom.

Sometimes being bored is good because my brain gets really creative and I think of all kinds of cool things.

(Did you see this Facebook video? I got bored doing my homework, so I got creative. It was actually pretty cool.)

So I’m looking for strategies from other kids with ADHD, cause you know, I’m bored. And if you’re playing any new apps or games — tell me about them!

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