Getting In Trouble at School

I’m used to getting in trouble at school.

On Tuesday we were playing a stupid game called “Knuckles”. The game was dumb and we should have considered our environment before playing it. You see, we were in Foods class. We were already done our cooking and had nothing to do. 

So, in this game you flick a coin at the other person’s closed hand.  When it came to my turn I flicked it really hard but my aim was off and  it flew across the room. I broke the glass on the front of the oven… Oooops! 

That’s kind of a big deal, don’t you think? I knew right away I’d be in big trouble.

Well, my Foods teacher is actually amazing and handled it very well. She stayed calm and didn’t freak out. Now that was unexpected! In the past I would have been screamed at and chewed out.  

I’ve been in trouble a lot at school over the years and when I do something wrong, usually I am instantly sent to the office with huge repercussions.  

This time time it was different.

Why? Because I feel like have a good relationship with the administration at school. Because my parents and I have talked to them about what’s going on, and worked on a plan to make things better.

I’ve learned a few things from getting in trouble at school. This time, I immediately owned up to my part of the problem. I stayed calm and didn’t panic.

At the Vice Principal‘s office, he was surprisingly pretty calm about it too.

This is what I learned when I was in trouble at school this time.

  1. Tell the truth.
  2. Own up to what you did.
  3. Make amends.
  4. Don’t do it again.

Oh  and… before doing anything stupid, check your surroundings.

~ jeff

Ps – One of the best things I’ve done with my school principal is set up a Behaviour Plan. It helps teachers know what to do for me, and gives me options if I’m feeling like things aren’t going well.  You can talk to your school about creating a Behaviour Plan, too. Here’s a free download for you to fill in — try asking for help from your parents, teacher or school principal.

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