ADHD Question of the Week

We’re getting a lot of great questions and answers about ADHD on our Facebook Page and blog.  From how to parent us kids with ADHD to how to teach us, and support us — our community is full of great people sharing what they are going through.

Let’s make this a regular thing that people can count on from our site.  I’m setting up a Question of the Week Post on Facebook and need you — all of you who are reading this — to help me come up with the best questions about living with ADHD.  I think this could be big — maybe we can even pull all these great ideas together and make a book that will help even more kids and families.   Like “real” answers not some dumb things experts think works for us.

Real Answers from Real People who Live with ADHD

Here’s an example of dumb advice “take your kid off sugar and they will be just fine,” and what my mom would say instead is  “let your kid cook and muck around in the kitchen with you to learn about real food so they eat healthier on their own.”  (I just asked her!)

Great questions could be  like this one from Tonia Joan on my Facebook page this week: “Did you guys have a hard time in the first few months of medication? Was the child’s sleeping affected?”

Real Questions from Kids and Parents with ADHD

I would especially like questions from kids that are younger than me so I can share some of the things that have helped me.   Post your questions here and let’s get started!

I’m looking for every type of question: questions about ADHD medication, questions about ADHD in the classroom, questions about parenting kids with ADHD… bring it!


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