The one binder rule

I start school this week and tonight grabbed all my stuff to get ready. I have an ADHD  strategy to keep me on track at school called the ONE binder rule.  It is my rule for staying organized.

Back in middle school and even before the teachers would always make us have separate duotangs for each subject and for me that was a disaster.  I NEVER put my stuff away and worse I could never find anything and would have to do it again.

In grade 6 I did assignments 2, 3 even 4 times because I lost them or just miss filled them. That teacher had WAY too many places to put things. Keeping track of paperwork is not my strength so I needed a system for success and came up with the “one binder rule”.

It’s pretty simple:

  • ONE zippered d-ring binder
  • 8 tabs, one of each subject
  • lots of lined paper
  • pencils, pens, a few other supplies

Everything I need for class is in that binder, all my subjects, all my homework, everything.

To make it great I like to use a labeler for the subject tabs.  Add a section at the front for notes and stuff you have to share with your parents.

Everything is in one place. Works like a charm now for 3 years.

How do you stay organized?







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