#ADHDKidsRock Turns 1 – A Look at Our Year

One year ago I officially launched ADHD Kids Rock! WOW… I can hardly believe how much has happened over the past 12 months.

On November 11, 2014 I had my website ready to go and I put up my Facebook page for ADHD Kids Rock.  Wanna know the truth?  I didn’t want to have a Facebook page because, being 14 , I didn’t use Facebook. (That’s sure changed this year!) But I trusted my mom who said it would be a good idea. Within 3 hours, I had 100 likes. In 24 hours, I had 300 likes. And in one year together WE have built an amazing community of over 8,400 people!! With so many people connecting over the Facebook page every day, it’s a real force!

Meeting ADHD Celebrities like Eric Tivers at #CHADD

Meeting ADHD Celebrities like Eric Tivers at #CHADD

A few days later, I went to the #CHADD2014 Conference in Chicago to officially launch the web site.  It was huge and I got to meet very cool people that really care about kids with ADHD like    Chris Denty, Jeff Cooper,  Elaine Taylor-Klaus, Elaine , Eric Tivers,   and of course my ADHD mentor, Ryan McRae.   (And many others! If I forgot to mention you, sorry!)   By the time I got home I had ONE THOUSAND likes on my FB page. (Are moms always right?)

My mom and me #ADHDkidsrock

My mom and me #ADHDkidsrock

This summer I was invited  back to Portland to report on my project and went on stage in front of 2,500 people  at the World Domination Summit put on by Chris Guillebeau. I thanked them for caring about kids with ADHD by helping me create this community.

Next milestone along the way was a very successful Kickstarter campaign  with 136 people donating over $14,000.  THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for supporting this project. I’m working every single day to finish the flashcards and all the Kickstarter Rewards.  (Almost done!)

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And WAIT.. there’s more..

Celebrating ONE GREAT year #ADHDKidsRock

Celebrating ONE GREAT year #ADHDKidsRock

Best of all, I have kinda taken back my childhood. I’m no longer feeling the old pain of school because even though I still have ADHD and derp pretty much every day, I’m fine!

I want all the younger kids — especially if you are around 10 or 11 — to know that it gets better.

This year has proven that SO many people care about Kids with ADHD. It shows me how important it is to ask for help if you are struggling. You are not alone, you are not stupid.

You are important, you are awesome and who cares if people don’t like your ADHD??? Just be yourself.

Thanks for a great year, here’s to many more!


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