You can’t punish the ADHD out of us

Recently I got a post from a mom who’s daughter was banned by her teacher from her Grade 8 graduation because her ADHD was always getting her in trouble. 

This doesn’t have to happen.

You can’t punish the ADHD out of us

I hate to keep bringing this up but it’s really the reason why I started this blog in the first place. Adults tend to punish kids with ADHD trying to “fix” us. They think that if they get mad enough, or take away enough of our stuff then all of a sudden we’ll settle down and stop derping.

This girl has been looking forward to this for a long time, it’s a milestone and she deserves like everyone else to be recognized for it. In fact, with ADHD I can guarantee she tried harder than anyone else just to pass.

There are better ways to deal with inattention and bad behavior from kids at school with ADHD.

If a kid is being bad then change something , don’t get mad.  Maybe she couldn’t sit in the class without going out of her mind and she would have been better helping in the office or doing something positive. Every time a teacher gets mad the kid looks bad to their friends and it get worse and worse for everyone.

Please adults, don’t take away things that we can never get back like a once in a lifetime graduation ceremony… come on!  

~ Jeff

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