Why Kids with ADHD Need Swimming Lessons

Ok, this is going to be hard but I’m going to write it anyway.

Two years ago my cousin Jacob was hanging out at the lake with some friends.  He wasn’t a very good swimmer. Like me, he had a hard time paying attention at swimming lessons. So he didn’t do them for long when he was a kid.    

Maybe you know where this is going and I can barely write it.

Jacob drowned two years ago on July 18, 2013.  He wasn’t a strong enough swimmer when he got into trouble.


Kids with ADHD struggle with paying attention to teachers, coaches and instructors.  This is true even with basic skills like swimming lessons.

Even though we disrupt the class, derp in the pool, are unfocused and bored I want to tell every kid to suck it up and DO your swimming lessons.

I really looked up to Jacob. We have a big hole in our family with him gone. I think about him a lot.  It is because of losing him that I had to write about taking swimming lessons.

I actually hate swimming lessons, they bore me to tears AND I’m doing them anyway.  My mom got me a private teacher this summer so I can at least get through the Red Cross program up to level 10.   Then I’m doing  my Bronze Cross and Bronze Medallion like my brother did last summer.

To make it better for my  instructor we told them when I registered that I have ADHD and to not get mad at me if I am not as focused as they would like.  

So that is my challenge to you this summer.

Learn to swim. Do it for Jacob, do it for my Auntie Helen and Uncle Darren.

Write me back and tell me what a great swimmer you are!

Sad face,

~ Jeff

Make sure that your kids know how to swim.

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