Telling my teachers I have ADHD

I want to get off to a good start this at school so I’m telling my teachers I have ADHD myself instead of my mom talking to them.   Here is the letter I wrote (my teachers’ name has been changed for their privacy).

Here’s to a great year! Tell me how your first weeks go.  We’ll all make it through together.

~ Jeff

Dear Mrs. Sterling,

My mom usually drops my teachers a note in September but this year I decided to take the initiative myself. I’m going to need your help to have a successful year.

I have a couple of contradictory things going on.  I’m smart and I have huge trouble writing due because I have a dysgraphia.  Then throw in that I can’t pay attention half the time due to having ADHD.

Don’t worry if you think I’m not paying attention. I remember pretty much everything I hear and tests prove I am an above average auditory processor. When you are not talking,  it helps me to listen to music to block out all the distractions, especially when I’m writing.

I’m going to use an app this year to keep track of my homework. The app is called “Remember the Milk.”  If you say “remember the milk” I’ll know what it means.

I’m still going to forget and lose things.   I have a lot of support including a resource block and a tutor 3 hours a week, so my intent is to get us to all work together. I sometimes need a scribe for tests, that is in my IEP.

Some silliness is to be expected out of me this year.  I am finally now beginning to master controlling myself. Other students take this for granted — this for me has been a huge accomplishment. I need your support on this.

I am 100% able to function in a classroom environment with my peers.  If I’m being unreasonable, your best course of action is to take me aside and go over my behaviour plan with me. (Psst! click here to download your free copy of my Behaviour Plan template.) In the worst-case scenario, the plan is that I go home.  It’s not a big deal. The whole thing should be very discreet.

Please don’t make me a special “snowflake.” I’m not looking to be some princess looking for an easy ride, but at the same time I expect you to be reasonable too and look past my dysgraphia and ADHD and see the work that I can produce.

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