Tell your ADHD Kid it Gets Better

Now that I’m sixteen, I’m having trouble remembering how bad things were when I was 10.  Don’t get me wrong, it was bad. It’s just with time, the pain of being a 10-year-old boy with ADHD in a strict fundamental school has faded.

It gets better. You ADHD Kids deserve to know this.

Reason #1: Eventually you will find a group of friends that accept you for who you are and the bullying will stop.

You might have to reach out to other kids who are maybe like you and make your own group. It will happen if you hang in there. In high school there are lots of people to connect with who won’t judge you and will just be happy to have a friend too.

Reason #2: Eventually, if you keep talking to your parents they will get off your back (sorry moms and dads, this one is for the kids).

You have to know your parents are just doing their best to help you be successful.  Keep letting them know what you need. Use your words and ask them to listen to you carefully.   At some point you will be as big or bigger than they are and it JeffRasmussen.itgetsbetterwill feel better and you will feel more grown up and in control of things with them.

Reason #3: Eventually you will have and be able to work on your own goals in life.

You will be able to choose your own courses at school, and do things outside of school that you choose.  You might forgive your mom for the forced violin lessons from when you were 8 because now that you want to create digital music, you have a base to go from and you can look back and feel good about that. Just sayin’.

Reason #4: Eventually you will be proud of having ADHD because you will have way more energy and attention for figuring things out than the “normal” kids.  

Last year I learned that I could take online courses and did all of grade 10 in about 4 months with the help of a tutor. My friends are all jealous because now I’m the kid that’s ahead! Use your ADHD super powers wisely for good to make your life better.

I get emails every day from kids or their parents who are REALLY  hurting and I just wanted to say to every one of them, it gets better.  You are not alone and hate to say this, but having ADHD makes you stronger and more resilient because of all the crap you will go through.

So if you are having a bad day, and  you will, just know that it gets better.

Rock on.



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