Luke’s Story: Having ADHD doesn’t mean something is wrong with me

My name is Luke and I live with severe ADHD.

What I want to say is that I hate when ppl say that something is wrong with us.

I hate when it’s referred to as a disability as if it were a sickness. As if it makes us slower.

We are wired differently. We understand differently.

We don’t always comprehend simple things rights away. Doesn’t mean we are unable to function.

My common observation is that most of us are very gifted and bright.

People get frustrated because we are very strong-willed and when we aren’t challenged or interested we just don’t do it.

I want to say that more of us that have this should come forward so there is more from us and not just parents dealing with it. Their view is so much different than ours.

I love being the way I am. I’m not normal but I’m also not sick or disabled.

We are each very much individuals.

The world must understand this.

– Luke

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~ jeff

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