Looking Over a Good Year

Life can be hard when you have ADHD, and sometimes it’s hard to find things to be grateful for.

It’s easy not to notice when good things happen.

I’ve had a lot of bad years. Thankfully 2014 was not one of them.

This year, I was encouraged to chase what some might call a “pipe dream.” But hey, a dream’s a dream… so I went for it.

Due to taking that step towards what I really wanted to do, I’ve got a lot to be grateful for this year. And a few challenging goals to set for next year.

Highlights of 2014 for this kid:

      • > Won a $12K Scholarship from the World Domination Summit to create this community for kids like me with ADHD.Went on stage in Portland Oregon front of 2500 very cool people to receive the award.
      • > Did pretty much my entire grade 10 year over the summer break, proving to myself that I really am capable and smart.
      • > Attended the CHADD annual international conference on ADHD in Chicago and met so many amazing people who were just like me!!
      • > Grew to 6 ” and starting to catch up to my brother and dad!


To keep things going for next year, here are my goals for 2015.

      • > Learn how to be a public speaker.
      • > Do a TED Talk about life in school for kids with ADHD. I really believe that telling our stories to people and getting them to care about kids with ADHD is the way to making things better.
      • > Finish grade 11 (school is getting WAY better, I’m starting not to hate it *all* the time.)
      • > Help at least 100,000 ADHD kids and parents by giving them hope.

I’m trying to use ADHD as a force for good. Would love you to join me.

Happy New Year,


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