What Kids with ADHD Really Think… and How They Can Help Each Other

Listen in as two ADHD Kids share what they think about living with ADHD. This conversation happened last year on ADHDKidsRock.com.

I want to share this with the community so parents understand what’s really going on. Names have been changed to protect our identities.

MY name is Keran. I have ADHD. It really isn’t fun. No one knows i have ADHD except my family and doctors. Yes. I said doctors — as in more than one.

Anyway, since people don’t know i have ADHD, they think its funny to say jokes like, “I bet that kid over there in the blue shirt has ADHD. Look at him. He can’t stand still!”

Then they laugh and point while I stand there thinking. IT’S NOT FUNNY! 

I’m angry. I live with ADHD and it’s not some kind of sick joke.
MY ADHD came with a severe phobia of school. I have never missed at least two weeks of school a year. Believe it or not two weeks isn’t the most Iv’e missed school.

School is like being swallowed by a whale. I know, weird metaphor but it’s true. All my friends ask where I’ve been and I feel like I have to make up some kind of bizarre lie or they won’t like me anymore. I feel like I have to hide even more than I already do.

School is like my teachers are big bad wolves and I am a little piglet. My one teacher is worse than the rest. It’s like she’s sent to ruin my life! She is ruthless. Geez she is scary. She can send a chill down my back!

what ADHD Kids are saying about school

My doctors like to pretend they get my feelings. hey say they understand and that it’ll get better… It never has. I was diagnosed with ADHD in third grade!!! I am now in seventh almost summer so almost eighth.

Nothing changed. I am still tremendously scared of school. I didn’t go in today…  🙁 I am afraid to.


I understand how you feel and to prove it…

You at school feel, left out, alone, afraid, like you’re a piece of meat being tossed around in a lion’s cage.

School for kids with ADHD can be hard

You feel restless, you feel like you’re in a fog. You feel that everything that has happened lately is a blur because as time goes by  it feels like the entire year went by in a flash.

You feel scared when you’re around others, thinking that if you say one wrong word they will never talk to you again. You feel forced to lie in order to keep friend when eventually it comes back to bite you in the butt.

I recommend trying to find someone your age who also has ADHD. This would help because they would be one of the few people (like me) who would truly understand you, how you feel, what you’re going through, and will never judge you for who you truly are because they are the same way.

(Also, people who have ADHD are the best people to rant to because they will rant right along with you.)

I send my best of luck to you, to help you through these tough times!


ADHD Kids: What do you do when you feel hopeless about your ADHD? We have a supportive community on this website — how can we make it great for you?

Parents, listen to your kids — you don’t have to fix it, we just need you to be there for us. It’s a lonely ride sometimes, we need your help to get us through it.

Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

~ jeff

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