Kids will be kids – ADHD is something different

Little kids are supposed to be full of energy and fun. They jump on things, annoy parents and teachers — and you know, act like kids! Kids can go forever, talk faster than a freight train, and make huge messes just having fun.So how is a kid with ADHD different from a “normal” kid being really active?

The Difference Between Being an Active Kid and Being a Kid with ADHD

The difference for me is not being able to control my mind. I want to stop, be still, pay attention, do as I’m told, be responsible, and be good… but my brain won’t tell the rest of my body.  I also really really wanted to do well in school but my hand wouldn’t listen to my brain either (I have a written output disorder) so nothing ever ended up on paper.

Every September I would start out all happy that this was going to be the year I fit in and got to work.  But by every November, I was depressed.  (I hear November is a time when a lot of kids who have ADHD struggle with depression.) My first term report card was once again all C’s or worse, NHIs (not handed in).  It would be another year of not being invited to birthday parties because the few friends I was able to make had parents that didn’t want their kids to have anything to do with me. It really sucked.

I just didn’t have a stop sign in my brain like the good kids.

So just so you know, ADHD is WAY different than just being a normal busy happy hyper kid having fun.  It’s a real “thing” and it can really suck if you don’t have adults in your life like great teachers and parents to help you. Fortunately for me my parents are awesome and being the youngest of three boys they knew something was different about me.  They have been amazing about helping me find my own way to do school and fit in and be successful.

If someone says there is no such thing as ADHD, they have never experienced being close to someone who really has ADHD and is more than just a busy kid.

How do you know your ADHD is real and who’s helping YOU?

~ Jeff








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