Is it True that Pokemon GO is Fun AND Helpful??

What’s all this hype about Pokemon GO??

If you haven’t started playing Pokemon GO already then you need to fix that. It is an amazing excuse to go outside and do some exploring.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Pokemon GO is a mobile game where you basically walk around your neighborhood catching Pokemon. It’s as simple as that. It’s a really interactive game and it forces you to go outside.

Pokemon GO can even improve your social skills since it’s an extremely social game and forces you to interact with other users. I’ve even met a lot of new people I never even knew existed in my neighborhood!

I think Pokemon GO is a great example of a mobile game which is both fun for kids and helps them grow in the long run.

Pokemon Go is a brilliantly sneaky way to keep active while having a huge amount of fun!

Get Up and Pokemon GO! #ADHDKidsRock

Yep, that’s me chasing Pokemon

The “What if’s…”

All the negative things you have heard from the news is just them nitpicking at the game to find all of its flaws. Just because one person somewhere is using the game for evil doesn’t mean everyone else in the world is too. It’s the same with everything.

Michelle Obama has been trying to get kids to go outside and play for 8 years but Niantic with Pokemon GO did it in 24 hours. Crazy right?!?

Go Play Outside

Teens playing Pokemon Go togetherI want to keep this blog short so you guys can waste no time and get started NOW…oh and also because i have to go take back the gyms in my area.

If you are on android and you don’t have it yet here is the link:

Now that you have the game go to the maps app on your phone and download the map for your region to reduce data and battery usage while you are on the hunt.

I’ve done my part now go outside and have some fun. You never know, maybe I’ll even see you out there. :^)



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