I got fired and what I learned from it

Last month I got fired for not having enough “oomph”.  I actually had to look up the word as I had no clue what “oomph” meant.

“oomph”  the quality of being exciting, energetic, or attractive.

Huh? I’m like the most energetic guy on the planet, except for when I’m bored!

Not that this was my dream job or anything or that loosing this job will forever hurt my future prospects for getting work, it’s just I’m starting to see a pattern related to my ADHD brain style that could be getting me into trouble at work.

Similar to school, I would start off in September all focused and excited to start a new year. After a few weeks the excitement would turn to routine and by the middle of the third month I pretty much was bored out of my mind.  Same thing has been happening with work.

This and other jobs started out all great with me getting compliments on my work ethic, energy and attention to detail.

Did I mention I only had 4 days on the job?  It was a Saturday gig in an electronics store filled with cool things I like to work with.  I thought that would be enough to keep my brain engaged but the first day of “training” I knew I was in trouble when the shop owner was taking forever to tell me how to put the stock on the shelves.

The second shift I got in trouble for making too much noise with my feet coming down the stairs.  I have been known for stomping through life when I’m happy, excited or in a hurry. I thought that was odd, but did my best moving forward to somehow remember to be quiet.

This is not the first job I’ve got fired from so I wondered if other kids with ADHD have trouble staying employed?

The good news is that I have found a great job for the summer working in technology doing cool things that keep me engaged and productive.    AND… after 5 weeks I’m still there.  This gives me hope for my future.


Here are a few things I have learned:

#1  –  Do you best and be your best.   If your best isn’t good enough don’t be too hard on yourself.  Not every job is a fit, the goal is to get out there and try to see what works for you.

#2 –  Trust your gut.  I quit a job last Summer when I was asked to work in really unsafe conditions.  There was rat urine soaked all over the wood I was expected to cut… YUCK!   I didn’t have to call me mom to ask if I should quit, I just did.  If it is not safe , don’t do it!

#3 –  Keep trying.  Just like in school, kids with ADHD may have to try a bit harder to find the right job, to fit in once they start working and to be successful in the workforce.

I would love to hear about your job experiences.  Has having ADHD been a problem for you getting or keeping a job?

Just so you know, I’ve been really busy with school (and work) and have not been doing much writing.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the ADHD community and how to keep it going. If you have suggestions please write to me jeff@adhdkidsrock.com

Thanks so much,



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