ADHD Hacks: How to never lose your pencils

One thing that’s making my days easier and better is building up a few “life hacks” for my ADHD tendencies.  Let’s call them ADHD Hacks. This post is the first in a series I’m going to put up on hacks that make my days run smoother.  I’m going to look at some of the regular derpy things I’ve solved with hacks, and share them with you.  It’s kinda fun to come up with hacks that really work.

It would be way more fun doing this together, though.  So, here’s what I’m asking for: I’m hoping some of you will write back in the comments and share your ADHD hacks with me, and even share your the things you haven’t hacked yet. Because you never know — someone might have a hack for that!

I’d love it if you’d even write me a guest blog post — if you’re interested, email me for deets. (

ADHD Hack #1 – Avoiding Zombie Pencils

How many times do you end up with no pens or pencils when you have to write in school — and no other option than to use the crappy pencils from the little jar on the teacher’s desk. Zombie pencils. You know the ones I’m talking about — the short chewed-on ones that don’t have erasers, and can barely handle the task.

It doesn’t make my day better when I have to resort to smelly old supplies. So here’s my hack.

How to never lose your pens or pencils.

  1. Dedicate a place in your backpack for your stuff, don’t use a pencil case. Using my backpack is key for me, because it’s that much harder to lose. I have used pencil cases before and I always forget them at home or in my previous class. That was before I figured out I just need to toss all my stuff in one of the pockets in my backpack. This cleared up a few headaches a week. (BUT never change what works! If you use a pencil case and it works for you then don’t change what you are doing.)
  2. Make sure to have at least 4 pens and 4 pencils, and check every Friday! I say 4 because its not too many that its unnecessary but it’s enough that you can lose a few during the week and always have a backup. And because you check before you hang up your backpack for the weekend, you don’t have to think about it on Monday morning.
  3. Write yourself reminders on signs around the house to make sure that you remember to check on Fridays. I use full-size sheets of paper that I write on with markers — but sticky notes would work too.

Simple, right? But it’s solved an ongoing headache for me. Plus, when I check for pencils on Fridays, I sometimes find undead sandwiches & smushed-up homework creeping around the bottom of my bag… sometimes I deal with them, too.  😉


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