This is the kind of support kids with ADHD need from teachers!

Today my teacher sent my mom an e-mail:

Hi Mrs. Rasmussen,

Jeff has been struggling with getting going on a composition for English over the last couple of classes.  I have offered him a scribe, worked through suggestions, possible topics and plans.  Today he had a difficult time getting going again as he has forgotten his medication.  We discussed options to get it done and Jeff has agreed that he will be ready to write tomorrow in Tutorial.

Just wanted to keep you informed.  


Mr. Esplen

Far from causing more problems for me, this email was supportive and helped set me up to do better.

What was great about this message of support was it came early enough in the day that I got a call from mom to go to the counselling office and take my meds (they have a supply there).  My mom also now knows I’m a week behind on this assignment and it’s a big one so she can help make sure it’s on my list either to do myself or to work on with my tutor.

This teacher cared enough about me to send a note… no judgement, just a quick “head’s up mom” e-mail.  It hit all the right points and it really helped.

Teachers, how do you communicate with parents? I’d love to hear from you in the comments and on social media.


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