Help a Guy Out! ADHD Kid Needs Your Messy Room Plan

Help me get my phone back guys!

I just got in trouble again because I couldn’t seem to “find” my bedroom… again.

My room is messy pretty much all the time. I don’t like it messy because then I can never find anything. My mom hates it when she can’t even walk to the closet to put clothes away. (I appreciate that she does for me, right?)

Today she took away my phone until I get my room cleaned up and I don’t know where to start.


Where do you start when it’s just so much stuff? This ADHD kid is seriously overwhelmed by a never-ending messy room.

I have dirty dishes, moldy food, a few weeks’ worth of dirty clothes (and I don’t even own that many clothes), blankets, scraps of metal and plastic, wrapping paper from Christmas, dirt from my shoes, 2″ of dust, a dog bed, duct tape, marbles, .. it’s crazy in here. I look at it then something else happens and I never seem to get it cleaned up….

(Like, check out my facebook post where I wrote on an orange using a banana and a plasma ball. I’m not recommending you try this at home, I ended up breaking the plasma ball by dropping it.)

I don’t have an answer for this messy room thing yet.

And I hate losing my phone. 🙁

Help an ADHD kid with a messy room out here guys!

Give me your best suggestions to keep my room “neat”. If you write in, I’ll give your ideas a shot and blog about them.

Help? Leave it in the comments below or on Social.

Is your messy room even worse? Misery loves company! Tell me about it in the comments!

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