I won’t lie so I’ll never get hired at McDonald’s®

So you know I’m 15 and it’s time I got my first official job!

It looks like I’ll never get hired at McDonald’s.  This is really bumming me out.


Well, it has to do with ADHD and my own rules about telling the truth.

Now don’t get all mad at me, I’m not blaming my ADHD. It’s just that I’ve been late for school a lot over the past 10 years and one of the first questions on the McDonald’s online job application form is “have you ever been late for school?” And if so, how often?

Looking at the choices for an answer: once, twice, 2-3 times, 4-6 times… my heart sinks. Am I really not going to qualify for a first job at McDonalds because of the derp things that happen with ADHD?  The truth is that before mindfulness training, counselling and medication I was late a LOT… like all the time.  You know the drill: I couldn’t find my shoes, couldn’t find the homework that I so painstakingly finished last night. Then next thing I’d know, I’d have 2 minutes until the bell was about to ring and it takes at least 3-and-a-half minutes to ride my bike to school.

So I could have lied on my McDonald’s job application and said I’ve always been on time but it wouldn’t pass what we call around my house the Rotary 4-way test.  (I’ll write about the test on another blog.)

The first question on the Rotary 4-way test is, “Is it the truth?” I found out pretty early in life that telling the truth is important — and it has the best outcome most of the time. So I keep my integrity, stand by my values. It’s just that now I’m so disappointed.  I want to work at McDonald’s. I would be a great employee with my energy and enthusiasm.  I’m great in the kitchen, I’m getting my Food Safe certificate this weekend and I am awesome with people.

So, how does a teen with ADHD get a good first job?

What’s are good first jobs for teens with ADHD?

Hmmm… ADHD brains don’t tend to fit with society’s expectations a lot of the time. Adults with  ADHD might have a hard time getting a job.  Maybe you can tell me — what are good first jobs teens with ADHD? I’m still a bit scared that I’ll never get one.

Wednesday apparently is McDonald’s National Hiring Day.  It’s posted everywhere on the web, so they need great new employees. If anyone knows someone at McDonald’s head office that has ADD/ADHD in the hiring department, maybe pass on my name and see if I can at least get a job interview for being honest!

Wish me luck?

~ Jeff


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