Don’t Shoot Mom, It’s Just ADHD

Please tell me this is a bad joke.  I keep seeing blogs about the FDA approving a tranquilizer gun to calm kids with ADHD. WTF??

It’s bad enough kids with ADHD kids get spanked and punished way more than other kids, now we are going to get shot at a distance by our well meaning parents when we are out of control. Put us to sleep so you don’t have to deal with us!

Even if this is a joke it’s not funny.  When is the world going to start learning about ADHD and step up to help us instead of hurt us.

Here are some things you can do when your kid with ADHD is out of control – from a kid with ADHD:

1-  Remove the pressure. Stop yelling, giving commands, or demands.  Take it back a step so everyone can calm down.

2  – Listen and learn. We are most often frustrated because we are not heard and something is wrong and we need to fix it. We might be hungry, or someone is bullying us and we don’t want to say. Take a long minute to be quiet and listen.

3- Do something physical with us like running around the block, playing tag or some other fun sport. We need to blow off steam in a good way, not by freaking out.

One things for sure not to do it shoot us with a tranquilizer gun!   Does anyone know if this is real or not?

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FDA Approves New Tranquilizing Darts for Children with ADHD





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