Challenge to Parents of ADHD Kids

Last summer , a mom connected with me over Facebook. Sherry was hurt and frustrated with how the system can fail kids who have ADHD.

She wanted to challenge parents of ADHD Kids — to share their stories on this blog and even with their local media, and to help teachers learn to help kids who have ADHD.

Sherry Cassidy made my mom cry.  Since I was diagnosed with ADHD in Grade 7, my mom has been fighting for me, and she knows how hard it can be for parents to watch their kids struggle.

Here’s the letter from Sherry — and her challenge to parents of ADHD Kids.

~ jeff

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ADHD is something my family fights with every day.

ADHD is not what someone is… it is simply what some people have. My amazing son is intelligent, funny, healthy, incredibly loving AND he struggles with ADHD. I am so proud of him for being so aware… hardworking… and trusting in the adults around him who are trying to help.

I am ready to take OUR story public if it means another mom doesn’t have to watch her child go through what I’ve watched MY son go through over the last two years. So many heartbreaking experiences in his young life have come from the lack of awareness our school systems have about ADHD.

My 9 year old has been assaulted twice at school, blamed, isolated and removed from class, disrespected and disciplined for behaviours that aren’t bad… just part of ADHD. He is great young boy. I’m so fearful that he is falling into depression, it’s hard for him that teachers are so rude to him since he isn’t like other students.

ADHD Kid at 9 Years Old

Every child and adult diagnosed has different symptoms of ADHD and needs to be treated differently – and my son has been so great in being honest about where he feels he needs that help.

As a mom, my job is to educate myself and learn how to parent a child that has special needs, and also make sure that the people I trust with my son are also educating themselves on how to help him succeed with his education, as well as his emotional and mental needs.

I am so angry, hurt and frustrated for my son. I hope he can learn to appreciate this disorder and find a way to help others through it.

Sherry Cassidy

Sherry Cassidy’s Challenge to
Parents of ADHD Kids

I challenge parents to better help our kids and other kids who fall between the cracks because they struggle with ADHD.

I challenge us to educate ourselves and advocate for these kids because we are tired of seeing them get hurt, blamed, and disciplined for behavioural issues that are NOT bad, but simply part of the disorder.

Challenge for Parents of ADHD KidsI challenge us to share our stories. Connect with other parents. Talk about ADHD. Tell our kids’ teachers and principles some of the strategies that work for kids with ADHD. Send out news releases and talk to the media about our experiences.

The school system needs change. Teachers need to learn more about ADHD, and become better at helping our kids.

As parents, we are a force to be reckoned with. Let’s support each other and make change happen.

Our kids are worth every bit of effort we can put in.

Join the ADHD Parents Challenge!

Add your name to the list here and join the discussion at our ADHD Kids Rock Page on Facebook. Read our blog posts, and send me your kids stories so we can put them up on this site (email to: Tell us about strategies your family  that have made a difference. The more involved we are as parents, the more we can do for our kids.


About the Author

Author Sherry Cassidy and son with ADHDMy name is Sherry Cassidy, I am a mom to 3 amazing kids – Brayden, Logan and Ily. I am a substitute teacher at a First Nations Reserve in Alberta, Canada, on top of having 2 other part-time jobs. My kids are all so different, each unique and crazy-cool in their own ways. Logan, who is 9 struggles with ADHD and currently undiagnosed but possibly ODD, and in the last few years i have started to get involved more and more in being the voice he needs to get help with his education. I am a mom first and foremost, but I would love to be an advocate for kids who fall between the cracks in the school system because they are seen as bad, distracted, uncooperative kids instead of getting supper for the areas they struggle most in with ADHD, ODD, and other behavioral disagnosis. I am excited to witness my son find his voice in speaking out about ADHD as well. It’s so wonderful watching him grow and develop. He has a lot to offer, if only people would slow down and listen to him between the craziness that i have always loved about him.

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