Bullied at school and what to do about it

My school is a different kind of school where some kids go because of bullying, ADHD and autism. The reason I came here was because of ADHD and being bullied at my old school.

The teachers at my old school did nothing about bullyingnothing that worked anyways. What they did was talk to the bully and tell them to stop, but that doesn’t work. Then the teachers think it’s solved but the bullies do it over and over.

Kids with ADHD get bullied a lot. Like me.

The kids at my old school would say that ADHD is for dumb people. That was really hard for me to hear them say that to me.  When I told my mom, she told the school and the school told her that I had to work harder. That made us feel like the school didn’t have any idea how to help us.

Help a kid with ADHD being bullied at schoolI left the school and went to Bridges Middle School. At Bridges, we have no bullies, no mean teachers, and very nice kids and teachers and they understand how we learn.  

I also have very little homework. The reason we have no homework is because it puts stress on some of the kids.

It’s better here because the school is set up to be a better place for kids. My favorite two classes are language arts and social studies. 

Are you being Bullied?

My advice is (if you can’t go to this school) go tell someone you trust if you are getting bullied. Tell people about how you feel.  It might take a while to get people to understand what a big deal this is, so don’t give up and don’t keep trying to tell people.  

So if you see someone getting bullied then help them and stick up for them if they are in a bad situation.

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~ Collin
A student at Bridges Middle School 

Check out these #ADHDKidsRock Strategies for dealing with bullies at school:

Please go to the comments and share your tips for dealing with bullies and making school a safer place! Let’s make this a great page for kids to turn to when they need help with bullying.

BridgesMiddleSchool logoBridges Middle School is an independent nonprofit school in Portland, Oregon that provides a highly creative and focused school setting for 5th – 8th grade students with learning differences.

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