I quit Boy Scouts, but I went back and you can too.

I had a really rough time in Boy Scouts. So bad that I quit.  Seems like I was always quitting something.  Sound familiar?  Kids with ADHD often have a hard time in clubs, groups, teams and other community activities. Most often the leaders are volunteers and don’t know or don’ t have the patience for our goofing around. So that is why I quit Scouts.  I loved being there but they didn’t love me.

Fast forward a few years. The good thing about volunteer leaders is they change. And we change and grow and mature so it’s worth it to go back to things you tried and try again.

Today I’m a Venture Scout and loving it.  I have been given compliments on my leadership skills and have a blast running around with the younger kids. (I fit right in.)

Here are some things you can do with your parents help give you the best chance of enjoying a community club, group and team.

Younger Jeff the first time around in Boy Scouts

Younger Jeff the first time around in Boy Scouts

#1 – Talk to the leader or coach and let them know how you show up in the world. Let them know how you need and want to be treated to be successful in their group.

#2 – Teach the adults who are in charge to “ask”‘ you what you need when you are out of line instead of being mad at you.   Your brain responds to questions better than commands, at least mine does.

#3 – When things go sideways, and it was something you really loved and wanted to do, pick yourself up and try again.  Try with another group, a different leader or another time when you are ready.

So , what would you like to go back to?

Boy Scouts with ADHD.

~ Jeff


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