How to avoid fights

ADHD or not, it’s a good idea for all kids to avoid fights.  At some point most kids will come face to face with an angry bully out to prove a point. What do you do? How come it happens more often to kids with ADHD?

I’m pretty good at attracting negative attention – let’s call it being a goof.  It goes like this; I’m bored, start throwing things around, get loud, get a laugh out of my friends, doing care-free fun harmless things, then someone unintentionally gets caught in the cross fire and I’m now enemy #1.

Next thing you know they are calling you out at lunch with their goons asking for a fight.

Been there? Know what I mean? So how do you get yourself out of your situation?

Step 1

Take the high road and ignore them. Don’t feed them any fuel.

Step 2

If you think it’s serious report it to someone, not just your friends.  If you feel like you are in actual danger get help.

Step 3

If push comes to shove, learn how to defend yourself.  This is when having a Black Belt in Teakwondo comes in handy.  Doing martial arts also helps keep you in good physical condition.

Step 4

Don’t be the bully, if you are the thug in this situation take a chill pill and back yourself off. It won’t get you anywhere in life.

Step 5

Avoid fueling the conflict by keeping your mouth shut. Yup, zip it.

We all have to learn to live in this world together. Doesn’t matter if you like someone or not, build your own life.  Let losers figure things out for themselves, you don’t have to be part of their story.  Do YOUR best everyday, stay out of trouble as best as you can, and if you do come face to face with a bully follow these steps.


p.s. E-Book flashcards coming soon! Can’t wait? Get a set here now.


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