3 awesome tips for effective derpy studying

Are you still slogging through tests and homework up to the last day of school?  Some of us are.  Here’s some inspiration for studying if you’re slogging through right up to the Christmas break this year.

1. Take a Break!

Okay, it’s not quite the holidays and I don’t mean it’s a time to go play XBox (it will be soon, though!). But if your brain is telling you it’s ready for the holidays, try taking a mini-break from your books – throw some popcorn in the microwave, make some peppermint hot chocolate, do a couple of pushups, wrap a present or cut up some fruit to help your ADHD brain stay engaged.

2. Location, Location

Even if your room is set up for studying, I find it’s easier to stick with it if I work at the kitchen table or where I have a parent nearby.  Helps me keep from getting up and doing a derp.  If you feel you’ve gotta get some private space, maybe take that mini-break I mentioned and set up some festive music and headphones.

But don’t get sucked in to the endless options on your iPad…. Which brings me to my third point….

3. Cut out the Tech

I know its hard but it helps a lot…. Keep your phone, DS, iPad, just anything electronic (you know what i mean) away while you are trying to study. As we know, these are distracting and can make you lose hours of productivity.  So if you’re going to use tech for music, set it up on something that will stream/ play for unlimited amount of time and don’t touch it again. And skip the YouTube playlists or anything you might end up looking at once you’re working.  Save those for lazy holiday mornings.

Got any suggestions for slogging through homework when the holidays are so close?  Leave them in the comments below & I’ll get back to you.

Christmas photo credit Frank Guido at flickr.comYou Can Do This…

If you’re just dying to do something different, give yourself a break for a few minutes. No one said this last stretch was easy.  But you’ve almost made it to the holidays.  Just keep those glory days in mind as you derp through the last days of homework and tests at school.

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