Grrr… so many misconceptions about ADHD!

People think my parents are not doing a good job raising me.

How could they be?

They don’t stop me when I derp in public!

They must be bad parents. Don’t my parents know that I should be scolded and forced to behave, sit still and do as I’m told?

Why does everyone else think they know what’s best for kids with ADHD?

This sometimes drives me crazy, how about you? I know people are  trying to help, but there are so many misconceptions about ADHD out there.

Misconceptions about ADHD

One of my teachers thought I should quit his class early this year because I was not behaving the way he thought I should. He never asked what was happening that was making all of us so frustrated.  He talked to the counselors on my behalf, maybe the principal too.  He was building a case because he was sure he knew what is best for me.  I guess it didn’t fly, but man!

My mom’s friend keeps hinting (like really loudly) that I shouldn’t be fed sugar, or wheat, or milk or basically anything that might make me hyper.  After all, look at me, and my behaviour.  I’ve overheard her say more than once to my mom that if we could just clean up my diet, my ADHD would go away.

Even one of my other teachers came up with the bright idea I should spend more time in their classroom doing extra assignments — without ever even talking to me about it.  I don’t get it, why does he think he knows better than I do about what I need?

Help Clear Up Misconceptions about ADHD — ASK Us How You Can Help Us

Here is the deal: I think there are a lot of people out there who would like to help, but they have the wrong idea of how to help.

How do we change this?

Parents, teachers, strangers, STOP making assumptions about what is best for me or any kid with ADHD.

Instead, sit down with them and ASK them what they need and how YOU can help.

ADHD is a mental health issue. Our brains are wired differently than yours. Please stop TELLING us what’s best.

Don’t get me wrong, I can use all the help I can get and I honestly appreciate your good intentions.  It just that when you plan things without even asking me what I think, you are hurting me more than helping.

If you want to know what is best for me just ask.  I don’t have all the answers.  I need your guidance and love.


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