The Challenges of Going Back to School in a Pandemic


It’s almost November. We’re already in the middle of term one. School for ADHD kids can be a little bit of a gamble. You never know which teachers you’ll end up with and whether they’ll be understanding and actually be helpful.

When I was in school, sometimes my classes would be all messed up. On top of that, some of the teachers that I used to get were not ADHD-friendly teachers. A lot of people reading this post are probably wondering: what is an ADHD-friendly teacher? Well, there are many tools and resources teachers can use to create a better classroom experience for kids with ADHD. This is now especially important because the stress surrounding COVID-19 and the changes we’ve had to make. Here are just a few things I think it’s important for teachers to remember:

First of all teachers, you just need to calm down and stay sane! Sometimes, a classroom can get pretty insane and a kid’s behaviour might not match what you expected. But shouting, scolding, and punishing them isn’t really going to help them get things done. Also, keeping kids from recess isn’t the best idea since we are now encouraged to be outdoors more.

Second, you need to to find other ways to teach kids, rather than just standing in front of the class going on and on about something that might not even interest ADHD kids. Like maybe add some more movement into the classroom so I don’t have to sit still the whole time. Find new ways to be engaging! This is really important, especially for schools that are having some classes virtually. There are so many distractions around the house!

Lastly, please be friendly and caring towards kids with ADHD. It’s easy to judge someone like me, especially if you haven’t had much experience before. I don’t blame you because it might be hard to adjust to. Give ADHD kids some time to get to know them and their goals!

For a lot of ADHD kids, summer is an opportunity  become a lot more grounded. Summer is great because you get the super busy weeks which keep you stimulated and if you are lucky (or a loner) the weeks where you just get to veg.

To get more organized and focused, I recommend ADHD kids out there to set a few goals for the rest of the year. You can even use an agenda!

What has the school year been like for you?

~ Jeff

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